Thursday, June 20, 2013

i feel the urge

sometimes there are things you want to say out loud that you can't really say out loud but why shouldn't you?  because sometimes they need to be said.  like now.  which is why i'm here.

here are a couple of things i wanted to say on facebook today -- i hate that i even wrote that last sentence (i hate more that i even thought it) -- but i did not say because, well, it's facebook.  everyone's blog. did you know that?  that everyone has a blog now and it's called facebook?

so here.  two things... unrelated:

1. it's not your moment.  just... not your moment.  your friend is posting on facebook about his dead father and something really special that happened at his funeral?  hold back on writing "that happened at MY dad's funeral TOO!" i know we're all fucking narcissistic and thrilled with writing about our every move on facebook (i don't really give a shit about your workouts and i doubt any of your other "friends" in quotes do either), but let that one moment be your friend's moment. not yours. asshole.

and B) if you have something to say to a group of people, say it to them.  don't be a dick and try to make a point by lifting one person up while you actually denigrate everyone else.  "you were awesome" is a wonderful thing to say, unless what you actually mean is "everyone else sucked."  that's cowardly, and shitty, and unfair not only to that group of people you're really talking to but to the person you supposedly complimented.  this is the equivalent of the person in the group who "asks a question" in quotes not because they legitimately have a question but so that everyone else can hear the answer they already know.  it's a game.

grow up and learn to communicate like an adult.

end of rant for today.  i think.

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