Monday, September 13, 2010

it's easy when you don't feel the heat

not enough has been made of the fact that the anti-islam, muslim bashing that's been ratcheted up over the last few weeks could actually put our fighting men and women in more danger. this is often the cry from the right, when liberals or moderates question things like the reasons for going to war, for continuing to support war, for not ending war: "they don't support the troops!"

now, huffington post reports that some of those fighting men and women are sounding off against that rhetoric
A small but growing group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have signed onto an open letter which calls on the American public to respect "the values we risked our lives to protect" and to avoid endangering the mission -- and safety -- of U.S. forces in the Mideast.

"America, you gotta have our back," reads the letter. "Those who would vilify and target Muslims on grounds of their religious belief not only show a deep disrespect for American values, but put American lives at risk. It's easy to burn a Koran when you won't feel the heat."

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