Monday, September 13, 2010

"America was not built on hate"

nicholas kristof considers the debate over islam happening in our country and sums it up beautifully, especially in the last 1/4 of his piece, as he brings to light some of the more prominent christian and jewish leaders who have not used this moment in our history to bash muslims or, for that matter, our constitution:
“Shame on you,” the Rev. Richard Cizik, a leading evangelical Christian, said to those castigating Islam. “You bring dishonor to the name of Jesus Christ. You directly disobey his commandment to love your neighbor.”

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick put it this way: “This is not America. America was not built on hate.”
as with any group or religion, we are too often defined by the extremes. it's good to remember that in the midst of all the crazy out there.

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