Friday, May 14, 2010


a few things i've found this afternoon:
• russell crowe is an asshole.

• how can a huge swath of people think this person is worth paying attention to when i only think she's really not very bright?

• a bunch of new yorkers are about to lose their jobs.

• racism is racism, no matter how you paint it.

tuesdaysblog stops linking to the new york times in january.


  1. Why does S. Palin think this abortion issue is about whether or not to have a down syndrome baby? Does she think that when she tells me that she considered aborting her baby when she found out he had down syndrome I'm NOT going to consider her a heartless idiot? Was she going for empathy or something?

    I'm pretty sure this whole pro-choice debate is not being fought by women/men who desperately want to naturally engineer the look of their children and their family. But maybe I'm wrong.

  2. Will you still be linking to the Wall Street Journal, a site that charges for plenty of it's content?

  3. take it from a moderate, leaning a bit more conservative...Palin's a jerk-off. the day the Republicans nominate her as their presidential candidate is the day i start seriously considering moving to Ireland.

  4. I'm not surprised by the Russell Crowe thing. Remember when he threw a phone at a hotel concierge 5 years ago?

  5. Asshole, yes...but he has trade value!,17414/

    So, why are you fundamentally against pay-news sites? Or is the legality of using their posts here that is the issue?



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