Sunday, May 9, 2010

obama's katrina

the associated press beats back the notion that the obama administration has been slow in reacting to the oil spill in the gulf, or that there's any comparison to the bush administration's response to hurricane katrina:
The Gulf region, ravaged five years earlier by Hurricane Katrina, was on the verge of a second ecological disaster. Would there be a repeat of the bureaucratic bungling that marked President George W. Bush's response to the hurricane?

While the Obama administration has faced second-guessing about the speed and effectiveness of some of its actions, a narrative pieced together by The Associated Press, based on documents, interviews and public statements, shows little resemblance to Katrina in either the characterization of the threat or the federal government's response.
another difference, i suppose, would be that 1,836 people died as a result of katrina. i'm all for birds and the environment and the fishing industry, believe me. but 1,836 people.

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