Friday, May 21, 2010

the enthusiasm contentment gap

public policy polling rethinks the supposed enthusiasm gap between democrat and gop voters and surmises there is less enthusiasm on the dem side because, well, dems are generally more content with the way things are going:
The enthusiasm gap may be caused not by disappointment with the way things are going, but rather contentment. Voters tend to get more energized when they're angry about something. A lot of Democrats feel like things are going fine right now, so they don't have much of a sense of urgency about going out to vote. The biggest threat to the party this fall is not that its voters are unenthusiastic about how things are going, but that they are complacent precisely because they do like the direction the country is headed in.
if democrats don't come out and vote in november, they're gonna end up being angry once again.

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