Friday, April 9, 2010

we are (the addams) family

not exactly the way you want your new york times review to begin.
Imagine, if you dare, the agonies of the talented people trapped inside the collapsing tomb called “The Addams Family.” Being in this genuinely ghastly musical ...must feel like going to a Halloween party in a strait-jacket or a suit of armor. Sure, you make a flashy (if obvious) first impression. But then you’re stuck in the darn thing for the rest of the night, and it’s really, really uncomfortable. Why, you can barely move, and a strangled voice inside you keeps gasping, “He-e-e-lp! Get me out of here!”
here's christine baranski, peter macnicol, christina ricci, jimmy workman and mercedes mcnab in the best addams family musical number ever. and you won't see it on the broadway:


  1. the whole movie is, jeff! if you haven't seen it, you should. (not the original addams family movie, but the 1993 sequel -- "addams family values," written by paul rudnick.)

  2. Soo funny! Christine Baranski just kills me.

    I feel sorry for Nathan and Bebe, two of my favorites. This thing was a disaster from the start.

  3. Anyone feeling sorry for that show, then just look at how much it is bring in every week. They'll be like 'Saturday Night Fever' The musical or any other musical that got trashed by the critics and still ran a good run. (anyone remember CATS ? that show got hammered and ends up being the number 2 in longest running musicals. The Addams Family musical gross is $1,391,177. That means it is number 3 in top grossing musicals.... right under number 1. Wicked and number 2. Lion king. Bad reviews, what bad reviews???? Not in the eyes of the producers. They are rolling in the MONEY. Has bad as the critics say, the musical has a life on Broadway and on tour.


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