Saturday, April 10, 2010

hello [insert your town here]!

look, i'm not stupid. i knew this kind of stuff happened. really. in fact, i've written a jingle or two (and even sold a couple.) so. i know.

but still. listening to this old wisn "hello milwaukee" tv spot just made me kinda warm and cozy and even a little sad.

until i saw this:

and this:

and... please. this one?

pittsburgh. disco.

and what is this?

ohhh... sneaky.

and even canada.


  1. for some reason when you listen to the other jingles (after listening to Milwaukee's), they all sound like crap. haha...funny, how one remember's those things. i even remembered some of the words....

  2. Thanks, was never a fan of channel 12 so didn't hear it that often. It smacks of corporate manipulation. Which is the original?

  3. It was written by Frank Gari of Frank Gari Music for Milwaukee. It was such a success that they made it available to other stations. Most everyone is sure their city is the REAL one, but Milwaukee's was the first!

  4. I used to live behind the juggler and you lived across the street.

  5. As John S said, Milwaukee was first. That's why the others sound like crap.

  6. And...I believe it's actually Frank Gari singing on the original.

  7. I remember this from Topeka (Hello Topeka, Hello Kansas) and from Alexandria Louisiana (Hello Louisiana, Hello Arkadiana) Terrible I know.

  8. Thanks for this memory. This was time of great inferiority complex in Milwaukee, so people really loved this campaign. That's Grandpa Joe Wong from Toy's/LaJoys. Bobby Rivers used to do a memorable version of Rosemary Gernette singing the tune. You can only imagine....


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