Tuesday, April 20, 2010

draggin' peecrust out the closet...

...even if he's not in it. poor guy's been called many things on this blog, including the most appropriate moniker gaysey gaysome. the daily beast's thaddeus russel has a great suggestion for peecrust:
Even if he is heterosexual, Ryan Seacrest should consider being gay.

The Idol host, whose erratic behavior this season has intensified the speculation about his personal life, is hounded about his sexuality even outside the show.

At the 2009 Oscars, where Seacrest worked the red carpet for E!, co-host Jay Manuel, the openly gay makeup artist and star of America's Next Top Model, noted Seacrest's unabashed enthusiasm for one actress' gown. With a smile, Manuel told the audience that "Ryan was loving that dress" then asked his colleague, "fashion's your favorite subject, right, Ryan?"

And when Seacrest served as substitute host on CNN's Larry King Live he received a most unwelcome compliment from CNN anchor Anderson Cooper:

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