Wednesday, April 28, 2010

$1,040 a night (but that includes breakfast)

cool hunting covers alila villas uluwat, a sustainable luxury "green resort" along the southern coastline of bali on the bukit peninsula (special internet rates are available.)


  1. um...what's so sustainable about flying halfway around the world to sit on a beach? I don't get it, unless you're going to sail there, or canoe there (good luck with that from NYC, or MKE), it's kind of a stretch to have some organic towels and shampoo and be "sustainable" - isn't it?

  2. i have to say, brian, your logic is a little lost on me. how you get to your vacation spot is your business. if sustainable travel is important to you, you'd never drive, fly or boat anywhere. hop on that bike and head to kewaskum, babe.

    the hotel isn't responsible for your personal carbon footprint. they are, however, doing things other than providing some organic towels and shampoo. for instance:

    "alila resorts use local materials, water conservation with soaks and rain gardens and recycling with grey water systems, using local plants from the special bali savannah ecosystem on the bukit, which are being raised in a nursery on site to encourage local bird and animal life, heat pumps for water heating, salt water pools - among many others.

    as it is built into the resort from the beginning, there will be a strong combination of the built fabric and on-going operations side working together to reduce the long-term ecological footprint of the resort.

    all the materials are locally sourced, are environmentally sound and support the local communities."

  3. and here's an environmentally sustainable hotel i've stayed at, and would recommend to anyone going to puerto rico.


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