Monday, March 8, 2010

why my oscar picks (and the oscars) sucked

i didn't go with my gut. my gut said hurt locker and kathryn bigelow. always listen to your gut.

gripes about the show:
a) marc shaiman, everyone knows you can pull a mediocre showtune out of your ass in, like, 5 minutes. but usually they don't stink as bad as this one did.

b) charming and out-of-the-closet as he is, we've all seen neil patrick harris not able to sing very well more than enough times to realize he really cannot sing very well.


c) while some of the moves in that bizarre best original score dance-a-thon were amazing, it told us absolutely nothing about either moviemaking or the nominees.
this was one of the first times in my life i watched the oscars and thought, "ugh, what a bunch of self-important jerk-offs." and in all honesty, i don't really think many of those people are self-important jerk-offs. in fact, i know some of them aren't.

but then, thankfully, there was sandra bullock, whose grace and humor at first made me tear up a bit, and then made me laugh out loud for a good minute and a half. if her performance in the blind side is as good as her acceptance speech, she deserved that oscar.

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