Monday, March 1, 2010

vermin who need to be eliminated

atrios on the media's obsession with teabaggers:
It kind of fascinates me that people who have never followed politics, never taken a class in public policy, hell sometimes never even voted, all of a sudden think they know how to run a diverse country of 300 million. Not only do they have all the answers, but anyone who disagrees with them are vermin who need to be eliminated. Since they really have nothing substantial to add to the conversation, I'd like to ignore these people, but the media just won't let me.


  1. Unfortunately the media smells blood.

  2. not ALL members of the Tea Party (calling them "teabaggers" is petty) are as described by Atrios. i happen to know some (i am not a member) who have been involved in politics for decades.


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