Tuesday, March 30, 2010

staying idle on idol

readers aren't happy with my basically ignoring american idol this season.

What has happened to your Idol posts? It has been almost a month and we are in fear that something bad has happened to you. Every morning after idol I come into work and we pull up tuesdaysblog to see what you have to say. The girls at the dental office have taken a fondness to your writings. Please bring Idol back!!
Please tell me FF Idol returns this week?
WTF Tuesdaysblog? Where is Fast-forward Idol? You're not suggesting we have to endure actually watching the show, are you? I much prefer just reading what you have to say about it the next day.
why no ff-idol on tuesdaysblog? lack of time, perhaps. lack of interest, maybe. this is not to say it won't return at some point...

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  1. You have a DVR! Excuses, excuses, Tony. *dislike*


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