Friday, March 5, 2010

jay-z in the (white) house!

a photo of rapper jay-z visiting the white house situation room – a big deal to some. now imagine george w. bush is still president and this is johnny cash. would anyone care?


  1. 14 years ago listening to Dead Presidents, who'd've thought Jay would ever be hangin out in the White House. Watch me play Dead Presidents on piano while rapping at the same time at

    and I do Changes by 2pac and a lot more.

  2. Given that Cash passed away early in GWB's presidency (2003), it probably would've been a big deal, if not a little spooky! "Folsom Prison Blues" or the cover of NIN's "Hurt" would have been pretty cool from the White House, though!

  3. well, my premise is spooky. imagine bush is still president? that give me the creeps.

    but back in the day, it could have happened: bush was sworn in january 2001, cash last performed live in july of 2003. although cash - who was "friends" with every president from nixon on - was rumoured to be distrustful of g.w.b.


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