Saturday, March 13, 2010

beck thinks you're as big an idiot as he is

golly glenn, and all this time i thought it was about fireworks.


  1. that article is a bit misleading - it says Beck called Springsteen "anti-American" when he called "Born in the USA" an anti-American song.

    i know a ton of people who watch GB. he's certainly theatrical. and i don't condone hate mongering and fear mongering...but the Dems do it as well.

  2. care to provide some examples of democrats hate / fear mongering, jeff?

  3. Dems stated last year that Reps wanted to get rid of Medicare (political ads) - "abolish", "kill" it. all they wanted to do was replace if over time with a form of Medicare for people now under the age of 55.

  4. - Bart Stupak being threatened with ethics complaints. Regardless of what side of the fence you're on, he says he's being threatened. "He said", "she said" - same old story. Who am I supposed to believe?

    - including the student loan program in with the HC bill...that's like saying, "we'll pay for your father's heart transplant BUT you have to vote against the HC bill". dramatic example but the fact that the Dem's are including this with the HC bill - i mean, why? what reason could there be if not to get votes for HC? it's underhanded. one has nothing to do with the other, especially after Obama clearly stated "no more pork". yet he signed the stimulus bill with its pork and this student loan program is clearly the Democratic pork.

  5. first jeff, not that "killing" medicare doesn't cause a shudder here and there, but when i think "fear mongering" i think of things like, oh, "mushroom clouds" or "the march toward socialism," or "obama building fema concentration camps."

    secondly, i think you used that same "he said, she said" argument a while back when you talked about "death panels" being in the health care bill. you know, it's easy to find out for yourself if there are "death panels" in the health care bill: do a bit of research. same with stupak. i'm not saying i know the answer here, but i bet if you dig into it a bit, you'll come away with a strong opinion one way or another.

    or you could just keep asking questions like "who am i supposed to believe?" which to me, quite honestly, sounds a little like fear mongering.


  6. "who am i supposed to believe?" sounds like fear mongering? that's ridiculous, tony. if the Dem's say the HC bill won't raise premiums and the Rep's say it will, what am i supposed to make of that? you want me delve into thousands of page of the HC bill to find out? why are so many people in the U.S. confused than about how they'll benefit from the HC bill? are they all guilty of fear mongering?

    - President Obama stated that rising health care costs represent the "biggest threat" to the financial health of the country, "That's why we cannot delay this discussion any longer," Obama said. right or wrong, isn't that fear mongering?

    - The White House and Democratic leaders say it's now-or-never for a health care overhaul. isn't that fear mongering?

    - Democrats use global warming to scare people into all sorts of social changes. Democrats use the unscientific fear of global warming to get people to willingly sacrifice their power and give it to the government. right or wrong, isn't that fear mongering?

    to honestly say, "i don't know who to believe" is the TRUTH tony. and either the Dem's or Rep's aren't telling the truth. either that or neither knows the truth and they're just grasping at straws.

  7. now you're a global warming denier too? oy. you're too far gone for even me, jeff.

  8. no - i didn't say i was a global warmer denier, tony. just that that's what Reps say about the Dems and that it's a form of fear mongering. i do believe in GW - just unsure as to how drastic it is, that's all.

    if someone says, "don't let your children go to Catholic school because they'll be abused by the priests", i can acknowledge that abuse by Catholic priests exists and that i'm concerned about it but that statement is still fear mongering.

  9. not sure if my last comment got posted.

    no - i do believe in GW, tony - just not sure of it's extent.

    if someone says, "don't send your children to Catholic school because they'll be abused by the priests", i recognize that that exists and is a problem but that statement is still fear mongering as it's a generality

    (delete this one if the first comment appeared, tony)

  10. dang...delete that first comment. and this one. sorry. Happy St. Patty's Day, Tony.


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