Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a true, obligatory homosexual

if only my dad had loved me more, been more affectionate, more warm, more supportive.

this is one of the messages from cbs reports: the homosexuals, a 1967 special hosted by 60 minutes' mike wallace. i was four. these messages were broadcast into my living room. messages to my parents, my friends, my family, and me.
"Most Americans are repelled by the mere notion of homosexuality. A CBS News survey shows that 2 out of 3 Americans look upon homosexuals with disgust, discomfort or fear – 1 out of 10 says hatred.

A vast majority believe that homosexuality is an illness, only 10% say it is a crime. And yet – and here's the paradox – a majority of Americans favor legal punishment, even for homosexual acts performed in private, between consenting adults.

The homosexual, bitterly aware of his rejection, responds by going underground.

The fact that somebody is homosexual – a true obligatory homosexual – automatically rules out the possibility that he will remain happy for long."
the 45-minute special is well worth watching. if only for old time's sake.

(hat tip the advocate)

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