Thursday, February 25, 2010

snake oil harry

harold ford received a rather unpleasant reception wednesday night when he spoke to the new york chapter of the stonewall democrats, one of the largest gay political organizations in the state. in 2004 ford voted for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, but now says his positions have evolved, and pledged to to fight for marriage equality should he run against new york senator kirstin gillibrand.


  1. i don't understand. if he recently became a supporter of gay marriage (after having voted for a Constitutional amendment banning it), what's the hubbub? he said he made the wrong choice. what else should he do?

  2. the point isn't that he needs to say or do something else. the point is that there's obviously some distrust and suspicion when a politician with fairly clear, well-stated views moves from one state to another and suddenly has a completely different set of views.

    i'm all for having a change of heart. but for harold fold, several change of hearts here seem awfully convenient. i think that's the point.


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