Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fast-forward idol: holly ellenwood

did you notice i skipped last week completely? ya. me neither.

"performing on the most high-profile stage in the world," peecrust says. really? really? what about this one? or this one? or even this one? dipstick. ellen degeneres (ed) shows up dressed like...me.

allison has to perform first because any minute now her grandmother is gonna forget who she is. "great natural talent," says randy (as opposed to unnatural talent.) skiiboski is back, and ed sums it up: "sexy and scary, it's a fine line." ski gets axed, but needs to hear again that he really wasn't good.


andrew. dude sings paula abdul's "straight up" unplugged and it's good. not-so-newbie: "that was genius." well. on the not-so scale, yah. my country girl vanessa is nervous. woah, way too nervous. why is she singing this song? horrible. poor kid didn't make it. and i just said "poor kid didn't make it." i liked that little hick.

the big italian goombah gets, what...whacked. janell wheeler, however, has a sexy rasp that gets her through. then... lots of crash and burn. rocker mom gets through and says this is gonna change her whole family's life. until she goes home tomorrow.


day two. simon says, don't forget the words. beatboxer jay stone gets dissed! lilly scott is duffy-light and i'm kinda tired of these kinds of singers. not-so says she did her own thing, but she actually did duffy's thing. and madeleine peyroux's thing.

big mike's wife's water broke. he's gonna sing enya's "orinoco flow " in her honor.

down syndrome girl is coming up.


cancer survivor justin and shaggy-hair-tim are up. both, i think, are stinky. but i can also tell how nervous they are, and it makes me nervous just watching, and i know that in a million, gazillion years i would never not be too nervous to do what they're doing. so. props to 'em. still, they both blew. shaggy moves on.

of course we need to be reminded about
maddy curtis' down syndrome brothers. maddy picks a terrible song, and i find myself wishing i didn't know about her brothers.

shirtless guy is coming up. will he be shirtless again? one can only hope. wait. why isn't he playing this bluesy song sans shirt? think how much more entertaining...

ohhh... maddy heads home. pecs mcgee goes on.


didi. singing "terrified," written by not-so. brave. it looks painful, at times, but they like it. not sure i do. crystal bowersox (love that name) plays guitar and sings "natural woman" and rocks. she needs some crest ultimate white strips, but she rocks. and hey, she just got a new tattoo.

both didi and bowersox go on.

tomorrow: swing choir dancing!

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  1. I'm loving having ED on there, but I kinda miss crazy Paula's antics.


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