Saturday, January 23, 2010

the party of weak and right, ctd.

readers respond to my frustration with the democrats, massachusettes, and obama. malcolm wonders if the dems problems are inherent:
At our core, are liberals just too soft? If we make some noise, if we express our outrage and anger, then will the Democratic party listen and (this is way out there, I know) actually respond?
katie douses us with reality:
Sad to say, all these people are worried about is getting re-elected.
christopher looks back and finds the best advice:
I have a suggestion from my old grandpappy. He used to say "If that dog won't hunt, quit feedin' him."

So for those that care to, stop kissin' ass and start kickin' it.
and there's some indication that obama may actually be following grandpappy's advice.

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