Sunday, January 17, 2010

"i'm already an honorary lesbian."

maureen dowd had a chat with ted olson and david boies this week.
It has been quite a journey for Ted Olson. He’s gone from being the conservative lawyer who helped crown W. by winning the Bush v. Gore case before the Supreme Court, to being a lesbian.

“Maureen,” he told me in his gravelly voice, “one of the biggest lesbian groups in this country told me I’m already an honorary lesbian.”
olson and boies were arch-rivals during bush v. gore (boies represented vice president al gore.) now they're a team, fighting to overturn california's proposition 8.

"You can be a child molester and get married. You can be a wife beater and get married. You can be a child-support scofflaw and get married. The importance of that emotional relationship is so vital to the pursuit of happiness that even prison felons, who aren’t really procreating, have a right to get married.”
but yes, let's protect the sanctity of marriage.

in case you missed it, olson recently penned a must-read piece for newsweekthe conservative case for gay marriage. and is providing essential live-blogging of the landmark trial.

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  1. My good buddy Julia is one of the bloggers for the Prop 8 Trial Tracker. (She works for the Courage Campaign.) So cool to see her getting linked on Tuesdays!


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