Sunday, January 24, 2010

"i probably should have ran it...

...I don't know how far I could have gotten."


  1. the man was so hobbled at that point...i would've thrown it as opposed to running it. disappointing game for my Vikes but a great game for NFL fans - no denying that. great season for Favre and the Vikes. nothing to be ashamed of. Favre or no Favre next season, i will continue following Minnesota. SKOL FAVRE! SKOL VIKINGS! (and SKOL to you as well, tony) :)

  2. My interception has a first name, it's B-R-E-T-T

    My interception has a second name it's F-A-V-R-E,

    Oh, I love to throw them everyday, and if you ask me why I'll sayyyyy...

    Cause Viking teams have had a way of C-H-O-K-I-N-G!

    (but yes, it was fun!)

  3. One more viewpoint on ol' Brett - okay, Francis should lighten up here...

  4. fortunately, know one, including Vikings' fans, cares what a bitter Tarkenton has to say about Brett. he's a hypocrite - called Favre "selfish" and said there's no I in TEAM, then commenced to say he hopes Favre fails. well, if Favre fails, Tark's team fails. isn't that "selfish". Tark needs to fall down a flight of stairs...


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