Sunday, January 31, 2010

even a blind squirrel...

the daily news' errol lewis suggests those who covered the original james o'keefe story might now take a look back at their stories with some regret:
The gullible reporters and TV producers who breathlessly parroted O'Keefe's wild, demonstrably false claims in the matter of ACORN should review their coverage in light of the recent arrest, and finally ask questions that should have been posed last year.

Hardly anybody has reported that O'Keefe's attack on ACORN turned out to be legal gossamer. Despite the lurid video and hysterical charges of ACORN lawbreaking, there were no arrests or indictments, no evidence that any of the nitwits featured on the videos ever completed or filed illegal paperwork.

The only illegal behavior, in fact, may have been O'Keefe's violation of anti-wiretapping laws.

Only a few news outlets have noted that O'Keefe did not wear the outlandish pimp outfit into every ACORN office; in some cases, he spliced footage of himself into the finished product to make it look that way. And of course, neither O'Keefe nor his boss, conservative media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart of, has ever released the full, unedited videos.

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