Tuesday, December 1, 2009

what's the difference?!

william shatner grilling rush limbaugh about health care reform in the u.s. just...skip past how weird that is in the first place, and listen to rush's point. if his argument doesn't make you at least a little sick to your stomach, then you're probably not – as my dad would characterize me – "strictly librul."
Shatner: Here's my premise and you agree with it or not. If you have money, you are going to get health care. If you don't have money, it's more difficult.

Limbaugh: If you have money you're gonna get a house on the beach. If you don't have money you're gonna live in a bungalow somewhere.

Shatner: Right, but we're talking about health care.

Limbaugh: What's the difference?!

Shatner: The difference is we're talking about health care, not a house or a bungalow.

Limbaugh: You're assuming there's some morally superior aspect to health care.


  1. For various reasons (mostly trapped in a car), I've had the weird fortune to listen to a fair amount of RL in the last 2-3 months. I don't know much about Shattner's positions, but it does appear that RL is now just confronting for the sake of sport. Even his rationale to "how do you know?" is just hot air blather "because it's my passion" (hey, where's Ircink, anyway?). No data, just stupid Monty-Python-esque rationale ("I came here for an argument! No you didn't!) I am just stunned that a year into this, there is still no rationale, data-driven, fiscally conservative voice that has emerged to provide a counter to the current administration. I'm not saying that the current administration is not on the right path, but there's no "check" to balance whatever is put out there. It's always difficult to evaluate "one option", or one choice, if noone is doing the homework to suggest an alternative. With idiots like RL, it's just a series of "NO's" rather than healthy debate.
    Obama, the HC debate, and the rest of us, would be far better off if there was a healthy debate and engaged discussion, rather than this doofus supposedly "leading" the conservative side of things!
    Nice post, though - thanks for digging this one up!

  2. i've always been of the mind that EVERYONE should have access to healthcare. the fact that you have person A who has cancer and has healthcare and can get it taken care of and you have person B who has cancer but doesn't have insurance and they die...i have a problem with that. perhaps it's because i went for years without a healthcare plan. how we come up with a national healthcare plan and what it costs is beyond me. there are things i like about Rush. the above was a dumb comment. And i've always loved Shatner.

  3. It's a moral issue. It's someone's life. Supposedly people care about someone before they are born, and really care about where they go when they die, but what about all the time in the middle? I think that's the most important part of someone's life.
    Medicare for all, and tax the rich... a lot! They have the money to be taxed.
    You relieve everyone from paying higher rates, then the money will flow to the rich, because people have to buy things. It's called Capitalism. Yea!!! Capitalism.


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