Wednesday, October 14, 2009

where in the world is rob hancock?

two things. first, this play. it started previewing tonight, at the rubicon theatre in ventura, california.

i've jumped up and down to certain friends about it. if i had the money, i'd invest in it. yesterday. it's beautiful, moving, simple. and i think it has an amazing future.

but more important than all of that, someone i love dearly is in it. he's part of this video...maybe you can pick him out. (he's not john caird, paul gordon, or megan mcginnis.) this is the first time i've seen him in almost a month, in this video. i'm leaving for japan on friday, he opens in this show on saturday, and i won't see him in the flesh again until the end of november. this is why we love, and hate, this business.


  1. why didn't this open when i was still living in LA? why??????!!! tell Rob congrats for me...

  2. wait, i thought Japan was in October???

  3. I love Megan Mcginnis' voice! I'm definitely going to look into this!


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