Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the sky is not falling: the performers

just a few of the 20-plus performers who were part of the sky is not falling last monday night. it was an incredibly diverse group of singers and repertoire. just like the skylight itself. (photos by lesly weiner.)

kate mccann. a call from the vatican from "nine".

tari kelly. he loved me till the all clear came.

phyliss somerville. way back home from "spitfire grill".

malkia and nathaniel stampley. wheels of a dream from "ragtime".

francesca zambello. "if it weren't for the skylight, i wouldn't have the career i have today."

joel hatch and niffer clarke. daisy's confession from "adding machine: a musical".

lisa brescia. i'll be here from "ordinary days".

shuler hensley and tony clements. curly and will 17 years on.

branch woodman. a better emcee you could not ask for.

michael diliberto. clair is always there written by skylight alum brett ryback.

carol chickering burden & william burden. o happy we from "candide".

richard carsey. rock solid accompanist extraordinaire.

malkia stampley. last night i didn't get to sleep at all.

john kuether, branch woodman & nathaniel stampley. three little maids from "the mikado."

carol chickering burden signing posters to be auctioned off in milwaukee at skylight night, the skylight's annual fundraiser.


  1. Great photos, Tony. I can't wait for the DVD!

  2. Thanks Tony!

  3. AWESOME! XOXOXOXOXOX all around, G

  4. Bravo- All of you are fantastic.

  5. Fabulosity. Looking forward to the DVD.Tell Shuler we "Most Happy Fella" chorus girl alumni wanna know if he still has the boxers. :)

  6. Sounds like you all had quite the evening. Just reading about it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

    Can't wait for the DVD!


  7. Thank you, Tony; these are so great. Have a fabulous time in Japan, CA and WI!


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