Friday, October 16, 2009

a preview: the sky is not falling

rod weber is an actor, a singer, and an independent filmmaker and videographer. he's also the only person we called when we decided to document the sky is not falling, the skylight opera benefit in new york. by some strange stroke of good luck, rod was free, and he agreed to do it. he showed up on monday, october 5th at st. luke's theatre with three cameras and a crew of one.

here is a preview of the dvd you have to look forward to. it's a pretty astounding array of talent. everyone there to support their friends, to support art, and to support the skylight. all captured beautifully by rod.

i wish you could have been there too. something tells me, thanks to rod, you sort of can be.


  1. That looks great!!! Can't wait to see what I missed while I was playing the piano!

  2. Can't wait to see the DVD. I'm impressed with the singing - but holy cow, what a great job Richard Carsey did at the piano!

  3. i trust then you'll inform us as to how to ordert the DVD...

  4. tony....can you correct my comment and take the "t" away from "ordert"??? if not just don't publish it and i'll redo it.


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