Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"is this going to be a yearly event?"

that seemed to be the question of the night.

the sky is not falling, the benefit for the skylight opera theatre at st. luke's theatre in new york city, was - if i do say so myself - a pretty stunning evening of entertainment. there was definitely an "old skylight" feel to the venue (st. luke's theatre seats less than 160 people, and there are posts! not blocking any sightlines, but along the side of the seating area) and to the performance.

skylight performers old and new took the stage and told the audience about this special little place in milwaukee. from wendy hill to tari kelly, john kuether to nate stampley, shuler hensley to lisa brescia, it was a beautiful mix of opera, musical theatre, gilbert & sullivan, and new music as well.

and the folks familiar with the skylight were incredibly moved by francesca zambello's impassioned plea to not only milwaukee and the skylight but to artists everywhere to remember that "art matters."

photos are on the way. and...without giving too much away, you might actually get to see the concert yourself, in the comfort of your own home. (wouldn't a sky is not falling dvd make a lovely christmas gift for your friends and family? stay in touch.)


  1. That's wonderful, Tony - I wish I could have been there!

  2. Hi Tony. I intend to link to this item with a story I want to post today. One question: Is the $1,085 the total raised online only, or is that the total for the whole fund-raiser in NYC? Did people buy tickets or was it free-will contribution? -- Tom Strini

  3. Thanks, Tony, for all your efforts in MKE and NYC on behalf of our dear Skylight. Hugs, kisses and kudos. (*;*)

  4. Bravo, brava, my friend. Wish I had been there.

  5. Bravo, brava, my friend. So wish I had been there. Great job!


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