Saturday, October 10, 2009

guess what. i don't think you deserved
that outstanding senior award either...

maddow has a wild suggestion. that we be proud.


  1. well then the manner in which the Nobel Peace Prize committee nominates and chooses its winners is flawed. an award + $1.5 million based on good intentions? why shouldn't i get a Pulitzer for playwriting based on the fact that no one knows me, i've been produced a few times but perhaps someday i'll become a household name? or give me an Academy Award for that matter. hell, i won an Ovation in Cedar Rapids in 1996. the two would look good together.

    President Obama was in office 11 days when the nominations were closed (i thought it was 2 mos.). i'm not saying he doesn't plan to move forward with helping to bring peace (etc. etc.) to the world but WHAT DID HE DO IN THOSE 11 DAYS HE WAS IN OFFICE???

  2. curious. the headline on this what do you refer???


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