Friday, September 25, 2009

teabaggers not bagging much support

despite the downer headline, a new cbs/new york times poll has plenty of good news for president obama, and democrats. not so much for republicans. despite all the yelling, teabagging and media hooplah this summer over health care...
The poll suggests that Mr. Obama is in a decidedly more commanding position than Republicans on this issue as Congressional negotiations move into final stages. Most Americans trust Mr. Obama more than Republicans to make the right decisions on the issue; 76 percent said Republicans had not even laid out a clear health care plan.

And by a lopsided margin, respondents said that Mr. Obama and not Republicans had made an effort to cross party lines and strike a deal that has the support of both parties.
furthermore, a majority of respondents think the federal government should guarantee health care for all, and here's the whopper: when asked, "would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan – something like the medicare coverage that people 65 and older get – that would compete with private health insurance plans?"
favor 65%
oppose 26%
dk/na 9%
and the percentage in favor of a public option has increased since august.

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