Wednesday, September 23, 2009

jensen (re)joins the skylight

the good news at the skylight opera theatre continues, today's being some of the best in a long time: amy jensen is returning to the skylight, this time as managing director.

Skylight Opera Theatre Announces
New Managing Director Amy S. Jensen

MILWAUKEE, WI - It is with great pleasure that John Stollenwerk, newly elected president of the Skylight Opera Theatre Board of Directors, announces the appointment of Amy S. Jensen as the next Managing Director of the Skylight Opera Theatre.

Stollenwerk states, "We are extremely pleased that Jensen has accepted the position as Managing Director of the Skylight Opera Theatre." Adds Joan Lounsbery, former Skylight Opera Theatre Managing Director and current Interim Managing Director, "The Skylight has gained a skilled professional with 15 years of experience in leadership roles in the Milwaukee arts community. Her financial expertise and her love of the Skylight make her the perfect choice for this organization."

This is actually a return to the Skylight for Jensen; between 1995 and 2001, she served as the Skylight's Finance Director. She has also held positions at the Milwaukee Art Museum, UPAF, and, most recently, as the VP and CFO of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO). "Amy's contributions to the MSO have been enormous over the past three years. As CFO, she has played a key role in MSO financial planning, human resource management, information technology, strategic planning, UPAF relations and the work of the Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Endowment/Foundation Trustees and Milwaukee Arts Partners. The MSO family wishes Amy the best in this exciting new role at the Skylight," said MSO President and Executive Director Mark Hanson.

Jensen has long been an arts lover, arts patron and arts advocate. She has provided consulting services for several area non-profits and has been invited to speak at a variety of local and national conferences such as Theatre Wisconsin, Association of Fundraising Professionals and Americans for the Arts.

She states, "I am so proud of the Skylight for beginning its 50th Anniversary Season with such a spectacular production of The Barber of Seville. It is the shining example of everything there is to love about the Skylight and I am excited to be returning to the company in this new role at this time. I look forward to working with everyone who is a part of the Skylight family to solve the current challenges and build toward an exciting future."


  1. HOOBAH!!! That is excellent, wonderful, fantastic news! The Skylight gets a prize!

  2. This is the best news! Bless you Amy for taking on this mighty challenge. And thanks also to Joan for holding down the fort till Amy is ready to take over. You two are our heroes!


    This is the best news to follow up Joan's return to SkyLab, putting things back in order. I'm so happy both for the Skylight and for Amy. History will return to Skylight. Yes!

    Very pleasing news indeed.


  4. That's wonderful. I think I met Amy at the Catalano Park celebration post-Dillner's resignation. Or if she wasn't there, I met her somewhere, and she seemed lovely.

  5. I never knew it could be this good!

  6. That's great!! I hope my plans to fly out there in January pan out, and so I can see Marriage of Figaro!! Funny when I followed the whole BC (Before Crap) Debacle, I remember seeing Amy's name in some of the posts. Now in the AD (After Dillner) epoch, I'm glad I remember her name. ;)

    Glad to know things are moving along swimmingly. Glad I didn't know the voting for new board members happened and glad I found out post mortem. So, glad they did that!!

    Good luck with your beautiful skylight!

  7. This is the best of news!!!! Can't think of a better choice!! Hurray and congrats to Amy!!!

  8. Talk about a win/win!


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