Tuesday, September 1, 2009

but does he have a dick cheney lunchbox?

you may have missed this, like i did, on andrew sullivan's daily dish...since i seem to have trouble finding andrew sullivan on the daily dish anymore. but here he is at his best, slamming fox's chris wallace for his interview with dick cheney:
Now look: there are softball interviews; and then there are interviews like this. It cannot be described as journalism in any fashion. Even as propaganda, which is its point, it doesn't work - because it's far too cloying and supportive of Cheney to be convincing to anyone outside the true-believers. When it comes to Cheney, one of the most incompetent vice-presidents in the country's history, with a record of two grotesquely botched wars, war crimes and a crippling debt, Chris Wallace sounds like a teenage girl interviewing the Jonas Brothers.

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