Friday, August 7, 2009

you bought me coffee.

i am thanking you.

an important note: if you bought me coffee after 1:00 a.m. on friday, august 7, 2009, you are not included in this thank you. i'm sorry. i'll get to thanking you later. now watch this:


  1. "If I left you out, please buy more coffee for me and you'll be on the next list."

    Tony, you are just shameless, aren't ya?

    And Alicia, are you still totally crushing on Tony after the oh-so-drawn-out mangling he gave to your lovely, lovely name?


  2. Of course. Love knows no language, or pronunciation. Plus, my name has been butchered so much in my life, but few have made me laugh so much doing it.

    UH-LEE-SHAH BEAR-NESH (It's French Canadian!)
    P.S. Opera singers have names like this

  3. Alicia, how many generations are you removed from Canada?

    Do you still eat poutine?

  4. Dude, watching that was stressful.

    It also made me feel like crap for not buying you coffee.

    But I am broke, so just know I'm sending lots of thoughts of caffeination your way.

    Rock on, tuesdaysblog.

  5. Thank you, Tony for all you long hours. This was a hoot!

  6. My grandpa was born in Montreal. Funny story: My Grandpa met my Grandmother while touring in a vaudeville company (he was the tapper/Irish tenor). They got married, then my Grandmother demanded that he get a "real" job. Grandpa refused, so my Grandmother threatened to turn him into immigration to be deported since he never got his green card; this, my Grandfather began his career as a carpenter.

  7. Dude, Tony...get some sleep! Change your donate button to "Buy Me Some Chamomile Tea."

  8. This made me laugh harder than I've laughed in a long, long time. I'm going to "buy you coffee" right now.

  9. I never actually got around to actually purchasing the actual coffee. BUT I did shamelessly solicit coffee purchases for you on my Facebook page. Does that count?
    No, I didn't think so. Where's that damn credit card?

  10. Tony, I don't see a better place to post this, so I'll post it here. Here's a quote for the day for you:

    "Virginity, otherwise known as a lack of experience, can render one more emotionally susceptible if not more easily impressed."

    - Charles McNulty, LA Times theater critic,0,1141909.story

  11. Dawna Ellis (Gregory)August 10, 2009 at 11:02 PM

    Tony, you are very welcome and I think I am in love with you because you ALWAYS make me smile. You are way too funny and cute for your own good.

  12. You crack me right up! If I ever meet you in person, I WILL buy you a cuppa coffee, just so I can hear you mangle my name on your blog! Thanks.

  13. hey, Tony, you mispronounced my name -- it's actually
    Petula Clark -- but Paula Cabot was, speech-wise, a fairly good stab at it -- looking forward to your coming manglings...


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