Friday, August 14, 2009

why tuesdays comments are moderated

a little less than a week ago, as the editor of this blog, i removed two comments written by an anonymous tuesdays commenter; comments i felt contained information that was not only inaccurate, but offensive.

the commenter disagreed, was unhappy with my decision, and we had a bit of a back and forth about it all.

hence, the recent appearance of these annoying seven words:
Your comment will be visible after approval.
comments on tuesdays are now moderated. that means, from here on out, when you post a comment on this blog it will be seen and approved by me before it gets published.

this process usually happens fairly quickly, from my cell phone. but there will be times when someone on the west coast comments after i've gone to bed. or someone comments while i'm at a movie, or seeing a play. those comments may still be posted, but their appearance on the blog may not be immediate.

i sincerely hope this won't deter you from commenting (it hasn't so far) and if you have any problems with this decision, glance over to the right: that picture is me. the name above it is mine. and not far below it are the words this is a blog of personal opinion.



  1. Tony - Your blog, your call.
    Kudos for sticking to your guns.

    And for a masterful and exhaustive job of tracking the SOT affair these past weeks.


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