Wednesday, August 19, 2009

why i twitter #5: more favre jokes

who would have guessed we'd wake up to even more coverage of brett favre un-retiring and signing with the minnesota vikings? today's witty twitters about brett are fewer and favre between (sorry) but some are worth culling none-the-less:
"That's it, Brett Favre. We are officially in a fight."

"Favre = Fail."

"I couldn't envision myself playing with another team. I would probably just retire - brett favre after signing $100M contract 3/2/02"

"isn't BRETT FAVRE signing on with the Vikings like a 12th season of ACCORDING TO JIM?"

"Brett Favre is the Cher of the NFL."

"Hey Brett Favre if them dummies want to keep paying you! keep comming back - $$$$"

"I haven't seen a Brett Favre story today. Alert the proper authorities."

"Opnd door 2 take the dog 4 a walk & Brett Favre was thr, offering 2 play fetch. Told him 2 go home. He shrugged."

"Brett Favre is playing football again this season? Next we'll get word that MJ wants to give it another try."

"Everyone, everyone stop what you're doing. Brett Favre needs attention. Now!"

"Brett Favre is only 39? He looks like he is 60!"

"I lost a couple of really good followers yesterday. I am wondering if it was my 40+ tweets making fun of Brett Favre."

"Brett Favre looks like he should be chopping wood somewhere or making his own maple syrup in the wilderness."

"I'd like to trade in my Brett Favre for $4,500 toward a new quarterback please."

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