Tuesday, August 18, 2009

why i twitter #4: the jokes about favre

here's the news:
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) ― A high-level source with the Minnesota Vikings tells WCCO-TV's Mark Rosen that quarterback Brett Favre is expected to sign with the team Tuesday.

Favre is on currently on his way to Minneapolis and is expected to sign with the team this afternoon, the source said.

WCCO-TV spoke with an official at the Hattiesburg, Miss., airport, who saw an airplane with the Vikings logo leave the airport Tuesday morning. The flight number for that plane has been blocked from tracking systems.
and here's twitter:
"Damn you Brett Favre, the NFL was not a big stupid joke until you came along!!!"

"New nickname for Brett Favre: VD. We can't get rid of him."

"Brett Favre is back. Yep, what a douche."

"Even while tossing around the idea of staying retired, Brett Favre was intercepted 13 times."

"I'd rather buy a HARDCOPY of a Soulja Boy album and play it on repeat than hear about/watch brett favre."

"Brett Favre would change his nationality if there were more money in it"

"I should pick up Favre and Vick for my fantasy league!"


  1. I love it. The guy plays amazing. I was sad when I thought we'd never see him play again. Now... The Pack will kick his ass. What's better than that?

  2. GO FAVRE IN 2009! Unsure about the prospect of cheering for the Vikes, but as long as Favre is under center, he has my vote of confidence. course, was there ever any doubt?

  3. Brett could regain his popularity IMMEDIATELY if he took his Vikings' salary and used it to build houses for Katrina victims. Now THAT would be a great reason for unretiring!

  4. I am going to steal that "he was intercepted 13 times" joke!

  5. favre has contributed to Katrina victims. his foundation has contributed more than $10 million to charities. the man could care less about his popularity - he just wants to play ball.

  6. oh - the video of the day with Richie and Fonz dancing is CLASSIC.

  7. I'm with Chris. I can't root for the Vikings, but I'll still enjoy Brett's highlights. Football is drama, and this sure spices up the season. Packer fans need to relax. The franchise moved on and we have great, young QB. Brett should do whatever he wants, and if it's playing football the NFL is lucky.

  8. That said, I'll also be stealing the 13 interceptions joke.


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