Tuesday, August 18, 2009

why i twitter #3: audition feedback

probably the most important reason to twitter is to find out how you did at your big broadway new york tryout.

until quite recently, if you were auditioning for casting director daryl eisenberg you could run out into the hall and check twitter to see how you did, 'cause eisenberg was actually tweeting her often snarky opinions about the actors auditioning for her. prior to a friday meeting with a not-very-happy actors’ equity association, the union of professional actors and stage managers, eisenberg had responded to criticism about her tweets like this:
“There is NO rule/guideline against Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/Friendster. Freedom of speech. Ever heard of it?”
after that friday meeting with aea, eisenberg responded like this:
"I apologize to the actors and professionals who put themselves on the line every time they audition and will continually strive to make the audition room an inspiring, nurturing place for creativity and talent. I look forward to working with AEA and its members on future projects, and hope to see you all in the audition room soon."

how did others react?

composer marc shaiman (hairspray):
"When I read about it...I Googled her to get her number, called and left a message. She returned the call and I told her what I HOPE anyone else with a show to cast would, which was that I was appalled and that I would never employ a casting agency that allowed that behavior...To undercut the confidence of actors at this most vulnerable moment is not just mean, but for a casting director, rather insane. A casting director should nurture and build confidence."
casting director geoffrey soffer (ugly betty):
"I was appalled to read yesterday that a casting director has been twittering about actors' auditions with no plans to end this practice. The audition is a private meeting between an actor and a casting director, producer, writer or director. Similar to that of a therapist listening to a patient, or a lawyer counseling a client, what happens in the room should stay in the room. The behavior exhibited by this casting director does not help our profession progress..."
if you auditioned for eisenberg over the last couple of months, maybe one of these tweets was about you:
a) If we wanted to hear it a different way, don’t worry, we’ll ask

b) If you are going to sing about getting on your knees, might as well do it and crawl towards us ... right?

c) That's OK. You don't have to look at me. I'm only the Casting Director.

d) Train wreck.

e) That looooong pause was a choice?! Not just you forgetting your lines?? Poor choice, actor, poor choice.

f) Why would you do your monologue facing anywhere but the table?

g) A 20 year old singing MR CELLOPHANE.....okaaay.....

h) Chances are -- we've heard your song before. No need to set it up for us. But thanks for playing!


j) Seeing #70 right now. I’m tired. My ears are bleeding

k) Holding your foot above your head IN YOUR HEADSHOT is a BAD IDEA!

l) Your skirt makes me think you’re Wiccan…

m) Who is that person in your headshot? it is def not the person standing in front of me.

and in case you were questioning who writes all the DECasting tweets:

n) Lately, there has been some questioning on who writes all the DECasting tweets...it's me! Daryl!


  1. I actually thought those were funny.

  2. This behavior is horrible. I was so angry when I read that she was doing this. It's so unprofessional and rude. Shame on her.

  3. I have auditioned for her before, for gossip girl. She was nice to me...I got a call back. But this is AWFUL. Does she think this will help people be better in the room? This will just make auditions worse! I'd be scared to go in for her now!

  4. I agree--totally unprofessional

  5. I love when folks bloviate about "freedom of speech" like it's some absolute natural right. Freedom of speech as we know it in our country is a constitutional right not to have the government interfere with speech or expression that fits within certain parameters. First Amendment protection of freedom of speech has tons of exceptions, and it only pertains to government interference -- not anyone else's.


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