Thursday, August 6, 2009

ny times returns to minnesota milwaukee

the new york times' dan wakin briefly revisits the land of figaro and fargo, and provides this bit of clarity on the skylight saga (my emphasis):
After Mr. Dillner’s efforts to deal with severe financial setbacks, about two dozen performers and other creative collaborators like directors and designers resigned in protest. Mr. Cabot said that many of the artists who withdrew would be returning to casts of the productions for next season, the Skylight’s 50th. The productions include “The Marriage of Figaro” and the “Barber of Seville.” Mr. Theisen has also agreed to come back to direct four of the shows he had been scheduled to do.

In the wake of the withdrawals, Mr. Dillner recast some of the roles. Mr. Cabot said several of those new singers would have to be paid even if they were now being replaced by the original performers.

“The mess that the Skylight got itself into is going to have costs associated with it, and this is just some of them,” he said. “It’s the right thing to do.”


  1. Interesting that he took Jonathan's quote compLEETLY out of context.

    “In the eyes of many, this is the most thrilling bit of triumph in the air today in Milwaukee,” wrote Jonathan West, a Skylight alumnus, on his blog, “It is being cheered as a major victory, drinks are being poured, and parties planned.”

    He failed to point out that JT went on to so eloquently say that it's not time to party just is when the hard work begins. So, bring it on...we are ready.

  2. I just want to thank Tony for his marvelous work as the information clearinghouse for the whole Skylight drama.

    I know that this whole thing has brought a lot of new traffic to Tuesdays, and I hope that some of the new readers will stick around, as I will. I've enjoyed reading many of his non-Skylight posts and older entries; I love his perceptiveness, his way with words and his sense of humor.

    (I also think he's really, really handsome. Gorgeous blue eyes. I've totally got a crush going.)

  3. Yeah, totally crushing on Tony...and he has a subscriber for Tuesdays for life.

  4. [sigh] ... Tony ...

    Tony Clements ... so handsome ... [sigh]

    (How do you do little heart-thingies and bluebirds of happiness in HTML?)

  5. This all could have easily been resolved by the swift return of Chas Rader-Scheiber!

  6. "well gosh" a.k.a. tacky old Tony Clements

  7. Add me to the list of Tony admirers. A stunning actor and a cunning reporter to boot! Tony, please come to Milwaukee for the benefit concert on September 1. I will pay your airfare. We need you to sing a chart or two.

  8. That article is not correct. I signed a contract, and it is not being honored.

  9. No, Becks, I'm not Tony incognito. I promise.

    As I said elsewhere, I'm just someone in New York who's never met Tony (or anyone else involved with Skylight) who came to this blog in the course of following the coup d'etat.

    And I just tumbled for Tony. Those blue eyes. Those blond locks. That way with words and writing. That fair-mindedness. That wit. Those calves.

    (Hmmm. Where did I see a picture of Tony's calves? I forget. He was wearing shorts and looking in some storefront window.)

    Tony ... [sigh] ... [flutter] ...

  10. Oh, lord, this used to happen every time Tony and I went to the bars. Rudolf Valentino and his friend, Chopped Liver.

    Ah, well....

  11. Well, Richard, there's just no competing with calves like Tony's. What can you do?


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