Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the skylight public relations battle

tim frautschi, a member of the skylight opera theatre's board of advocates, tells milwaukee magazine how the internet played a part in convincing the boa to get involved:
“I could follow it through all the blogs,” Frautschi notes. “It was a public relations battle and the artists used the Internet extremely effectively. Everybody (in the Board of Advocates) was talking about it,” Frautschi recalls.

There were some board members and Skylight observers who clearly felt the theater had to take a stand against insubordination by the artists – a “don’t let the lunatics run the asylum” sort of attitude. On the contrary, says Frautschi: “The artists performed a terrific service in raising such a stink. It’s really heartwarming that they cared so much about this.”

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