Wednesday, August 5, 2009

skylight artists raise a glass

a group of skylight opera theatre artists and supporters held an impromptu gathering in milwaukee's catalano square tonight, just outside of the skylight's home in the broadway theater center, and toasted the future of the company.

michaela ristaino
said, "in addition to toasting the skylight, we also raised a glass in honor of eric dillner, with no ill will, and wished him the very best in the future."

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  1. This picture is of a small group of whole artistic community in the greater Milwaukee area. They are not only the backbone of the Skylight but of the dozens of other storefront, community and Mom and Pop Theaters in the area as will as the dance companies, orchestras, and choruses. As a board member of one of these groups, I hope we have learned that we dare not turn our backs on you or devalue your talent and energy. You are the source of our fun. Here's to a new era of fun working together to build on Milwaukee's long history of arts and entertainment.
    Have you ever noticed that when Hollywood or Broadway wants to get a laugh they often mention Milwaukee? Let them laugh, but let it be known that we nurture talent here and export it to the world. It is time that our business leaders and civic leaders learn to appreciate this overlooked truth. This is part of the work that is ahead of us. Thanks Tony, I'm going to buy you a cup of coffee now.


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