Monday, August 10, 2009

make a donation to the skylight

damien jaques wraps up the skylight saga, looks at the rocky road ahead, and includes this:
[Interim Artistic Director Colin] Cabot has hit the ground running. He is raising funds within the company's board of advocates, a committee of former board members and longtime Skylight friends and patrons, with the goal of immediately collecting $200,000. That money is needed to ensure that the Skylight has adequate working capital for the rapidly approaching season.

The company is $475,000 in debt, according to [Skylight Board President Terry] Kurtenbach.
the skylight accepts charitable donations online, via the network for good, a nonprofit, donor advised fund, which will distribute your donation to the skylight.

click here to make a donation to the skylight opera theatre, and please add the designation PAC to the online donation form, to signify performer action committee.


  1. Is there a better way to donate directly to Skylight?

  2. not right now. they're working on it.

  3. I'd rather send them a check or cash. I want to help.

  4. here's the skylight's address:

    Skylight Opera Theatre
    158 N. Broadway
    Milwaukee, WI 53202

  5. Checks or cash sent directly to Skylight would be a better value for your donation. Network for Good, while very helpful with online donations for small orgs, does charge a service fee. I think it's around 20% of the donation.

  6. it's less than 5%.

    from network for good:

    Are there fees?

    Your donation is to the Network for Good Donor Advised fund. Network for Good re-grants the donation funds to your charity(ies), retaining 4.75% for our mission of training and supporting more than 50,000 nonprofits in their fundraising efforts. If you prefer, you can add a tax-deductible 4.75% grant to Network for Good when you check out so that 100% of the donation amount will be granted to your charity(ies).


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