Tuesday, August 18, 2009

jaques jumps to new online home

damien jaques, long-time theater critic for the milwaukee journal/sentinel, has found a new home at onmilwaukee.com. jacques' will write a weekly theatre column for the site beginning in september, continuing his 29 years covering the milwaukee and wisconsin theatre scene.

(a rather odd but heartfelt july 30th post about jaques and his commitment to milwaukee theatre appeared here on tuesdaysblog.)

three of the journal/sentinels former arts writers have now moved to online only media: tom strini, former music and dance critic for the paper, shifted almost immediately to third coast digest, and tim cuprisin, former j/s television writer, moves to onmilwaukee.com as of october 1.


  1. So the JS is purging from its print version most of the reasons I used to bother reading it...

  2. Damien was not purged from the Journal Sentinel. After taking a generous buyout offer, he was still very welcome to write for the newspaper (and did, in fact, including several excellent Skylight related stories). He made a free decision to join his new online home. As someone who worked with him a long time at the newspaper, I personally never wanted him to leave, while respecting his decision as a grownup to do what he thinks is best for himself. If you have any doubts about this, just ask him.


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