Monday, August 31, 2009

the emmy photos: blake ginther

this is blake ginther and somebody's emmy award.

blake sent this photo a few months back, over a crappy phone. i felt bad when i got it, because i thought, "gee, it's a cute photo and all. and he is holding an emmy award, there's no doubt. but the quality of the photo is so bad..."

today i thought, "oh hell, who cares."

so here is blake ginther holding someone's emmy. i don't even know whose emmy it is, maybe blake will write in and tell us. it certainly isn't blake's emmy, i know that much.

blake has an extremely sensitive bowel system. which is concerning, because right now blake is off somewhere, singing on a boat. for a very long time. but in reality, i guess you can have sensitive bowels and be on a boat for a long time and do okay. not sure what i was thinking there. maybe the singing part threw me off. he has a very pretty wife who is off somewhere singing on a boat too. they used to live in new york, but for right now they live on a boat. when they get off the boat, they'll go to north carolina or some shit.

blake has won many awards for playing card games like hearts and spades, and for counting cards and stealing the deal, and although he is good at card games, he sucks at pillow fights.

(click here to send in your (high-quality) photo of you with an emmy.)

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  1. I like the painterly texture of the picture, rather pointillist with a palette from sensitive bowels. There is a naive but forthright challenge in the eyes.


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