Sunday, August 23, 2009

chapter four: where'd that emmy go?

the summer reruns of my friend barry's emmy continue with this (cough-cough) classic. (have i mentioned the entire series is now in re-mastered, high-quality video?)

if you've missed anything – (and you still haven't seen chapter 2 have you?) – check out the barry's emmy widget in the dark green sidebar on the right, where you can watch 'em all.

my friend barry's emmy
chapter 4,
episode 8


  1. house come i got no sound with dis video? my sound is working fine. i'm listening to Beach Boys as we speak...

  2. Waiting with baited breath (what is that, anyway?) for Chapter 4 of "My Friend Barry's Emmy." Picture, but no sound! I'm no good at lip-reading...

  3. Ah... the plot thickens. As a newcomer to your blog, I am glad you are re-running the series. Very very funny. Thanks!


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