Wednesday, July 29, 2009

who needs a raspberry cream pie?

did you know the month of august includes both friendship day and national raspberry cream pie day? did you know the month of august is only 3 days away!

if you click through to from this blog to do your shopping on the internets, i get a new swimsuit. or a puppy. or a raspberry cream pie. or better yet, i pay my con-ed bill and they don't turn off my electricity. and it doesn't cost you a dime!

the tuesdays store has some delightful suggestions for your shopping enjoyment, but once you get bored with my ideas (and truly, who isn't bored with my ideas) you can click on the amazon logo and shop at the normal person website!

why not buy yourself that new green dress you've been thinking about. it didn't make your ass look big – really. or you could get that new tractor for the farm. or, hey, a raspberry cream pie.

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by the way, this logo can always be found in that far right, light green column. all the way down. 'cause if you're like me, you'll be wanting to do more shopping around september 14th, national cream filled donut day.


  1. I would like to buy you ebbyteen!

  2. If we shop atAmazon via the Tuesdays store and you get a new swimsuit, will you pose in it for the blog?

  3. yes. while holding a puppy and eating raspberry cream pie.

  4. I will shop with you on Aug 12---Vinyl Record day...provided that bay city rollers album is available in vinyl

  5. ...and my b-day is August 29th! just thought i'd - forget it.

  6. Love your blog, Tony! Have appreciated the continuing coverage of the Skylight debacle -- thank you. Now, WHEN is raspberry cream pie day, and you do you have recipe??

  7. oh,excuse me, the correct wording of that question should be "... do you have A recipe?"


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