Monday, July 27, 2009

what happened at the skylight?

chris krasovich puts together a thorough timeline of the skylight debacle.


  1. Konnie KuchenbachJuly 27, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    Excellent job on the timeline. This mess has really encouraged me to improve my computer skills. Thanks Chris.

  2. You know the more I read this the sadder it makes me. I don't care who runs the Skylight, this mishegas is the work of a group of people, not just Eric Dillner. Like a QB you get blamed for the losses as well as ride the shoulders when you win. But Jesus, if they (the board) don't do something fast, then they are just letting him swing in the breeze.

  3. As of the staff meeting on the 16th, Diana still had a positon. Eric was asked who would be handling the artistic department with Bill gone, and he replied that Diana Alioto would. At 4:00 that afternoon, after she was very vocal at the staff meeting, Diana's postition was eliminated. The staff didn't find out until later in the week, via email.

  4. This timeline is very helpful Thank you.

    I am impressed that Jonathan West contacted the Kennedy Center for information on mediation. I obtained the Kennedy Center "Strategic Planning in the Arts: A Practical Guide" before attending the last BOD meeting that. It should be required reading for anyone associated with any aspect of the Performing Arts. .

    I think a mediator from the Kennedy Center would have been very helpful here. This is sad and causing much pain for everyone involved.
    I really am very impressed that Jonathan West thought of the Kennedy Center. For anyone who wants to review the Stategic Planning in the Arts: A Practical Guide by Michael M. Kaiser. It s available online
    Lili Friedman

  5. So Eric has lied again. When do the half truths and lies stop with this man? He lies to his staff. How can the board believe a word he says? So it would seem Diana was the first to go for supporting Bill.

  6. Thanks for the timeline. I have had a lot of questions from people, and it is getting harder to keep track of it all. It is time for me to sell back some tickets and get more people to do that.


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