Tuesday, July 7, 2009

too much

that's really just about enough of the michael jackson was "simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived" bullshit, okay barry gordy?

(by the way, how long before i can buy the dvd of mj's funeral?)


  1. i couldn't agree with you more, tony. "greatest QB", "greatest entertainer", "greatest singer"...it's all subjective. BUT, to put MJ over Elvis....i thinks that's inarguable. but then, my opinion is subjective as well.

    hey, you're in Milwaukee teaching, i heard? hmmmm. didn't i see you perform at the Skylight last May?

  2. I don't like Elvis. I'm sorry. I would take MJ (at least from 1970-1989) over Elvis at any stage of his career.

  3. i only liked MJ when he was with The Jackson 5 in the early years. i'll take Elvis over MJ, though, at any stage of HIS career. i'm sorry.

  4. I can get behind the phrase 'great entertainer', but the 'est' in greatest does chafe a bit. Too subjective.


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