Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dillner talks to strini

the milwaukee journal/sentinel's tom strini had a tiny interview with skylight's eric dillner today, which let to this tidbit:
"We are negotiating to replace those who need to be replaced and anyone who might need to be replaced," he said.

Dillner said that he began working on contingency plans on June 16, when he informed Theisen that he would be let go for economic reasons. At that time, he invited Theisen to direct five shows. A couple of weeks later, Theisen agreed to direct four, before pulling out altogether on Monday, after Dillner and board president Suzanne Hefty fired two of his cast members for posting on the internet anti-management remarks that Dillner characterized as threatening. (Dillner said that those firing were determined by a committee. He also said that he had discussed those firings in advance with Theisen, who disputes that.)


  1. Now Eric is calling Bill a liar!?! How much further can this go? Christine Harris, please move quickly! Skylight's board, please move quickly. Don't you remember that just two weeks ago you believed you needed to have Bill Theisen back to restore some dignity to the company and calm things down? Are you really willing to do this? There are now 13 artists who are gone, leaving at least 21 vacancies. Rehearsals for Barber start in 33 days.

  2. "It's a mad house! A mad house!!"
    - Taylor, "Planet of the Apes (1968)

  3. What is so absolutely, gut-wentchingly sickening about Dillner is that he is a singer. He is eating his own. How much more disgusting can you get. Singers, performers, actors, et. al. stick together. He should know better. Shame on him.

  4. I posted the same on the JS blog:

    How come there has been no discussion of the Paula & Colin Cabot Show? Can they keep billing that as part of their season, since Paula and Colin have publicly stated that they will only do that show if Bill is the director.........


  5. Is the board scared to know the truth? Make inquiries and learn what a liar Eric is!

  6. Eric just threated (the one who thinks everything said is a threat) all the artist and employees. With his words " anyone who might need to be replaced". How could he already be negotiating for those, unless he has a list and/or this was a warning not to speak up.


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