Wednesday, July 29, 2009

strini: skylight operates on good will

milwaukee journal/sentinal music and dance critic tom strini, about to leave his post at the paper, stopped by wuwm's lake effect and talked about the skylight situation.
"80% of the artists who appear on the Skylight stage are local. They have a stake in the place. The Skylight operates as much on good will as it does on money."

(listen to the full strini interview in full here.)


  1. Thanks for sharing this with the readers of this blog...really appreciate it. And I think Tom Strini is "right on." Sad to say...

  2. this is a terrific interview...thank you for posting it.

  3. this from the production managers forum today - from an Opera company, no less:

    "In fact, I think I’d rather spend $150 on (misc food) and keep my staff happy and feel valued than have to argue about overtime and other tedious issues. I have found this group of staff members more likely to go above and beyond for the production and this company without extra remuneration because they have a sense of ownership of our product and belonging to the team which creates our art, rather than just being an employee paid for services."

    Using a "business model" is one way to run a theatre but we can create much more when we don't.

    Steve White........


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