Saturday, July 11, 2009

spellchecking emailer bashes skylight board

the skylight BOD's press release last thursday, attempting to "to establish communications with bill theisen regarding the role of artistic director at the skylight," included this request:
The Board would like to accept and embrace the many offers it has received for benefit performances, assistance in fundraising, and donations. Anyone interested in helping The Skylight can e-mail the board at
the first offer of help that came in was not a for a benefit performance or assistance in fundraising. it was this:
Friends (whoever you are).

This sounds as if the Board is "wishy washy" and has "caved" into pressure.

How has the financial situation of the SKYLIGHT now changed that allows the Board to reverse it's announced decision regarding the position of Artistic Director? Whereas before I had confidence in the Board's ability to analyze a problem and then come up with a viable solution, I now definitely have reservations.

IF the original solution was valid rather than a "snap decision", then why the change? If it wasn't valid, I then quesion the Board's ability to make a good and educated decision in the future. It seems that this press release raises more questions than answers(in my mind at least).
this missive of "support" was written by the "artists only exist because we chose to pay them" emailer. our grammarian and spellchecker extraordinaire was the first respondent to the mailbox set up for the board to connect directly with the artist community and this time he was bashing the board for caving in.

accept and embrace that.


  1. he might be late to the game, but now he's finally asking the kinds of questions we've been asking all along.....

  2. Those conservatives hate "flip floppers."

  3. exactly. if you take a stance (regardless of what that stance is) and you back off that stance (to whatever degree), it definately shows weakneess AND calls into question the relevance of the initial stance (in this case, the one to get rid of the artistic director and others).

    there is no place for weakness in the theater. when you make a choice you go all out - or you fail miserably.

  4. Am I missing someone or in the past 50 years, have all the Managing Directors been straight and all the Artistic Directors been gay.

  5. Anonymous - Not anymore. Now they're combined.

  6. Ok. I just want to say this: "it's" is a contraction meaning IT IS.

    If you want to use the possessive, you spell it this way: ITS.

    I'm just sayin'.

    And PS No, I'm not perfect in my grammatical skills. But the use of the possessive ITS and the verbs LIE and LAY are a couple of my pet peeves (Jurglie, I hear you're right there with me). My parents were teachers, my grandparents were professors (Latin, math, astronomy, and all kinds of schmaltzy stuff I know nothing about ........ but the grammar was beat into me so it comes naturally, ok?

    I'm just sayin'.

  7. Mojo, those are the things that tick me off the most - improper uses of the possessive. It's one thing if you screw up and write to instead of too (sometimes it's because your brand new keyboard is seriously touchy when it comes to double letters). But if you put an inappropriate apostrophe in for a possessive, you simply don't know what you're doing. (Lady's wear? You mean, it's just for ONE lady? Really?)

    But that's not important. The point is that the board is spinning this whole thing and they have from the very beginning. At least this former board member is being consistent.


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