Tuesday, July 7, 2009

raising the roof

the lovely and talented j. michael brennan chimes in on the skylight, and that roof situation (my italics):
I am very glad to hear that Colin [Cabot] is still involved to some degree: he brings a much needed perspective to this mess.

Having been part of Skylight during those tough times as the company was making the transition from tire garage to its own house, and having many conversations with Colin about his goals, dreams and vision, it has always been clear to me that a large measure of Skylight's success was the bi-lateral push and pull between the often conflicting artistic and business sides.

I hope he can reinstate this balance, and I further hope it leads the Skylight down a path that reinstates Bill Theisen at some point in the future (not having met Bill, but the passion with which my friends defend him speaks volumes.)

It's also enlightenging that Colin points out almost parenthetically that it was with his assistance that the roof repair problem was offset by a vigorous fund raising effort. Wasn't the roof repair crisis used as justification for why staff cuts were necessary, and now we find out that with Colin's assistance, those costs were offset? What is needed here is an advocate who will protect both sides of the business.

It speaks volumes of the Skylight legacy that almost fifteen years after having spent a few seasons there, I feel as passionate and as much a part of its history now as I did then.


  1. "To forget some things, to remember others, and to refresh the dry places in our spirit."

    these words are painted on the ceiling of the Skylight. i copied them down after seeing Tony perform in "The Spitfire Grill".

    considering the recent events at the Skylight, these once poignant words have somehow lost their "oompf" for me....

  2. I left the rally feeling hopeful. It was clear from the faces, gestures and comments of several entering board members that they were "with" us. Of course, there was at least one face that appeared none to pleased to see us. I hope we find out more soon!

  3. thats true never undermate the power of a republican for taking big risks and this country is in bad shape and the government is trying to help. get us out of this ression


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